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Climbing Mt. Asama

Get up close and personal to experiencing one of the few active, constantly smoking volcanoes in Japan; An adventure you won’t forget in a hurry!

The Venus Line, Nagano

A skyline drive along the Nagano Prefecture mountains. Hike the highlands, wetlands and ponds to scenic vistas. Chill out from the mist of the many waterfalls along the route.


When staying at the Hoshino Resorts, you should block out a sunny Saturday morning to head down to Karuizawa for a stroll down the main street north of the station and into

Central Alps Hike Day 2

Great sights continued to greet me after sunrise. These are some of the views I experienced when traversing the Central Alps on the Second day of this two day adventure

Mount Yatsugatake

Pick fruits, ride a horse, have a picnic in the mountains, visit a farm, have a coffee at a vintage cafe, you can do all these at the foot of Mount Yatsugatake!