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Get up close and personal to experiencing one of the few active, constantly smoking volcanoes in Japan; An adventure you won’t forget in a hurry!
At Jigokudani Yaen-Koen (Hell's Valley Monkey Park) in Nagano Prefecture, you can observe the Japanese Snow Monkeys in their natural surroundings.
A hike through snow covered peaks on Mount Ontake, a very holy mountain. Part 1
A little off the beaten path in Nagano City's Togakushi District is the breathtakingly beautiful Kagami-ike, an artificial reservoir that offers a delightful reflection of the Togakushi Mountain Range.
A great place to spend a day or two if you're interested in hiking. For beginners and experts alike: a great place to see beautiful mountains and wildlife up-close.
When staying at the Hoshino Resorts, you should block out a sunny Saturday morning to head down to Karuizawa for a stroll down the main street north of the station and into
We headed to the Kiso Valley for a three-day trip along the Nakasendo to take in some of its key sights.
Clear skies and incredible views at one of Japan’s best ski resorts.