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Go back in time and visit a traditional shopping street with old buildings.
Looking for a relaxing yet fun activity in Nara? Have a walk with one of the thousand deer in Nara Park!

With locations at both of Nara City's major train stations the Nara City Tourist Information Centers provide convenient services to all visitors

The Akame ravine, in Mie Prefecture, is the historical training ground of Iga style Ninja where even today courses are offered to become a ninja in the natural training environment of the forests and waterfalls.
Mount Yoshino has been known for its blossoms and tradition of mountain worship (shugendo) since antiquity. Shrines, sweeping sakura, and hermitage huts of past poets.
A large park in the eastern part of Nara City filled with deer
Enjoy the regenerative hot springs and mystical forests of Totsukawa.