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Waterfalls of Tsuwano

The waterfalls of Tsuwano are known for its high cliffs and crystal clear water. These scenic spots were often visited by domain lords, its beauty inspiring them to sketch its majestic scenery.

Mt. Asari-Fuji in Gotsu

Making the most out of a less-traveled area of Shimane Prefecture with a view over sea cliffs, local specialties at cafes, and a visit to a high school.

Takuhi Shrine

On Nishinoshima's highest mountain, Mt Takuhi, sits the island's oldest shrine, the Takuhi-Jinja. It's a 15 minute walk up the mountain through wet forest. Along the way

Kuniga Coastline

This majestic coastline is a series of cliffs, caves and stone pillars all making up the view for one of Japan's top 100 walking tracks. Formed from over 5 million years

Iwami Seaside Resort

Get together with friends and family at this great beach for summer fun along the Shimane coast in Hamada at the Iwami Seaside Resort

Iwami Ginzan Silver Mines

Historically significant silver mines, a Living Japanese history lesson, and a great way to beat the the summer heat, and a slight old American west feel

Aquas Aquarium

Aquas is a great aquarium- local fish in spectacular tanks, seal and beluga shows and a fun adventure playground next door, white sand Hamada beach across the main road.