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Nikko National Park

Nikko National Park is an important historic and cultural locale in Tochigi Prefecture, and it is this character which is placed to the fore beyond the town of Nikko.

Fun at Twin Ring Motegi

Twin Ring Motegi marries a world-class motorsports park to a park for nature appreciation activities such as camping, hiking, bug-collecting, charcoal making, nature crafts and zip-lining.

Early Morning on Lake Yunoko

Experience a more relaxing side to Nikko alongside the picturesque shores of Lake Yunoko which even despite its popularity, still manages to maintain some sense of peace and tranquility

Ichigo No Sato Farm in Oyama

Enjoy all-you-can-eat strawberry picking at Ichigo No Sato Farm for 30 minutes. Located in Tochigi Prefecture, delight your tastebuds in the freshly picked strawberries or strawberry desserts available at the Ichigonosato gift shop on the premises.