My Cat Neko Cafe in Osu, Nagoya

A neko cafe near the famous beckoning cat statue

By Mary Kawai    - 2 min read

My Cat

In addition to seeing the giant maneki-neko statue beckoning luck with its raised paw at Fureai Hiroba, cat lovers have another reason to visit Nagoya’s lively Osu district. My Cat, a neko café located on a corner of Fureai Hiroba, allows patrons to enjoy relaxing with kitties while taking a break from shopping or sightseeing. Nine lovely moggies of various breeds, including Nihon Neko, Munchkins, Scottish Folds and even a rare Havana Brown, staff My Cat. Sometimes they wander out to the reception area to greet visitors ( who must be age twelve or older) along with the human employees. A staff roster with names and photographs decorates one wall.

The kitties love to play games of chase-the-ball or catch-the-feather-on-the stick with toys provided by the establishment, or hide-and-seek in the tunnels built near the ceiling. Cat towers of cloth or cardboard give the moggies still more places to hide or climb. Patrons may photograph the active cats as they like, but flashes may not be used. My Cat felines are also happy to snooze on the woven straw seats, or in the laps of visitors perusing the kitty-related magazines and manga from a bookcase in the corner. Humans can indeed feel as if they are at home with loving, playful pet cats.

Customers may not bring in their own food or drinks from outside, but there is no need to. The cover charge of 700 yen for thirty minutes includes one beverage per human, from a selection of soft drinks in a plastic case that is closely guarded by kitties stationed on nearby cushions. Additional drinks are 100 yen each, and time extensions are 500 yen per thirty minutes. There is also a "weekday pack" costing 2000 yen for two hours and 2800 yen for three hours. Cat snacks are available for purchase so that visitors can enjoy refreshment with the moggies. A sign on the wall reminds visitors to check the My Cat blog, for periodic bulletins on what the kitties are up to.

My Cat’s day off is Wednesday. Opening hours on other weekdays are from noon to 8:00 pm. On weekends and national holidays, it is open from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. The cats of My Cat are waiting for you!

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Olga 5 years ago
A cat cafe is a wonderful idea! I wonder who invented it first.
Olga 5 years ago
It's so interesting, today I saw a toddler in a similar cloth tunnel :)