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Welcome to the Yarimi no Yu

With a pool of clear blue hot spring water situated on the banks of a river deep in the Northern Japanese Alps, the location of the Yarimi no Yu make it my favorite hot spring. Snow covered peaks, trees, a river and snow can all be taken in while soaking in luxurious comfort. The location also allows for some silly, and no less fun for it, winter time fun in that season.

Showa Mura

Nihon Showa mura is a cultural and historical family activities park graced by a ribbon like stream, surrounded by beds of flowers all nestled in a forest that takes visitors on a journey to a rural community in 1950s Japan.

Kuraya Onsen "Onpoi no Yu"

Let the day drain away at Kuraya Onsen, a great day spa with Japanese cypress baths filled with silky hot spring water right off route 257