Where are the Best Onsen?

Questions of a curious traveler

 By Tamara Siemering   Jun 5, 2015

Hello there, fellow travelers! This is my first article, and I hope you won't consider it cheating, but I am curious before I begin my travels what you all suggest to be the best onsen in the Tokyo area?

I will be staying there for two months this summer, and I am open to any and all suggestions you more experienced Japan-travelers might have as to where I should go! 

I am one who loves to spend time in nature and plan on posting most of my articles and photo collections from natural areas around Tokyo once I begin my travels. And thus I search for an onsen that is preferably completely outdoors in the woods, in a river, etc. as opposed to those more chic onsen that are in conjunction with a resort and are more of an indoor activity.  

Please let me know what expertise you have to share! Again, I will be staying in Tachikawa, Tokyo.  Thus, any areas with outdoor onsen surrounding that area would be perfectly suitable.

Written by Tamara Siemering
Japan Travel Member

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