Electric Daisy Carnival Japan 2018

Dancing along the elements of fire and rain

By Michael Groen    - 3 min read

The Second edition of Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Japan was certainly another big hit this year. Thousands of people worldwide united at the ZOZO Marine Stadium in Tokyo Bay to enjoy the music festival where all are welcome and to view worlds greatest headliners.

EDC Japan surely did not disappoint with amazing artworks around its various stages. Festival attendees danced along to the moving retro boomboxARTCAR, enjoyed the mystical colorful neonGARDEN, and jump in the sands of Makuhari beach at the circuitGROUNDS. Let's not forget the wide variety of snacks easily accessible at the spacious food court. Various meals are available including kebab, pizza, teriyaki chicken, coriander meat pies, and grilled corn. Unfortunately, merchandise sells out very quickly and by the second day, only a small amount was still available.

Last but not least the majestic ‘Gaia’ KineticFIELD stage made its debut for the first time in Japan and even mother earth decided to dance along the stage with the weather of a burning hot sun on the first day and a downpour of rain on the second to compliment the elements of Gaia’s fire and water.

The weather on the first day was extremely hot but EDC didn’t come unprepared as they provided everyone with free water. It was definitely a nice day to dance on the beach with a great ocean view while watching the sun go down. Some people even decided to relax by taking a nap on the beach, however, better make sure you’re not falling asleep for too long or you might get a nurse worried and she’ll come to check up on you.

The second day was pouring down with rain so much that even ponchos didn’t help and the floors in the stadium would overflow with water. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop the people nor DJ’s to come down and have an amazing party giving a new look on dancing in the rain.

The total lineup was amazing, it featured leaders of future house such as Don Diablo, progressive house king Deadmau5, and world-famous DIMITRI VEGAS&LIKE MIKE. The lineup was so good that at certain times you had to make a tough decision on which artists you’d like to see more or move from stage to stage in the middle of a set. Steve Aoki seemed to enjoy EDC Japan so much that he even came on stage again the second day as a guest on Vine Vici’s set playing Moshi Moshi. The festival closed off with a stunning performance of the Dutch Dj Genius Martin Garrix and spectacular fireworks that left everyone with a memorable experience for a lifetime.

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