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Kamakurabori Assembly Hall

Kamakurabori Assembly Hall

Kim B

The Kamakurabori Assembly Hall gives visitors a chance to carve a plate in the style of kamakurabori, a traditional art in the Kamakura..

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Images of Enoshima 28

Images of Enoshima

Elena Lisina

A photo essay of the familiar and different while walking around Enoshima that formed a fuller picture of the island and its unique..

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Nihon Minaken 17

Nihon Minaken

Elena Lisina

Nihon Minkaen is an open-air museum featuring a good collection of old houses from all over Japan. The houses reveal old construction..

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Exploring Enoshima 34

Exploring Enoshima

Elena Lisina

Enoshima is quite famous as a tourist spot, but during the week it’s a pleasant place to get out of the city. Just walking aro..

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Kotoku-in is the more common name for Taiizan Kotoku-in Shojosen-ji in Kamakura, Kanagawa prefecture. This Jodo-shu Buddhist temple is renowned for its..