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Miyako Odori

Miyako Odori

Early - Late Apr

The Miyako Odori performance in Minamiza theatre in Kyoto hass a long history and involves the best geiko and maiko of Kyoto. The..

Kyoto, Minamiza Theatre,.. 11 ¥4,000
Kyoto in Video

Kyoto in Video

Jillian Engelhard Fosten

Once known as Japans capital, Kyoto is the heart of culture and history in Japan. With lively streets, unique finds, and contemporary..

Kyoto 15

Kiyomizu-dera Temple

4.6 (8 Reviews)

Kiyomizudera, or Kiyomizu Temple, is a famous temple on the edge of the Higashiyama district of Kyoto. The temple, whose name translates to “Pure..

Firefly Viewing in Uji

Firefly Viewing in Uji

Late May - Mid Jun

From late May to mid-June, Uji City Botanical Park near Kyoto plays host to fireflies, delighting young and old alike. A short..

Kyoto, Uji City Botanical.. 7 Free