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Hosomi Art Gallery & Museum

Hosomi Art Gallery & Museum

Bonson Lam

In New York, the Upper East Side is known for its “museum mile”. In Kyoto, it is Okazaki-kōen, also nestled in the upper east ..

Kyoto 1
Toji Temple Market

Toji Temple Market

Cordelia Ding

Held once every month at Toji Temple, is the famous Toji Temple Market. Toji Temple is located one station away from Kyoto Station..

Kyoto 2
Gozan no Okuribi (Mountain Bonfire)

Gozan no Okuribi (Mountain Bonfire)

Mid Aug

Believed to be dated back to the 13th century, Gozan no Okuribi is an annual traditional event that takes place annually on August..

A Day in Higashiyama 20

A Day in Higashiyama

Anne Lauenroth

Higashiyama, home to Yasaka Shrine and Kiyomizu Temple, is Kyoto's most picturesque district, offering traditional architecture,..

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