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The Ito Mansion

The Ito Mansion

Alexis Guiral

A description of my experience at the Ito mansion in Niigata prefecture. This is a translation of my previous article, approved..

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Tokamachi Kimono Festival

Tokamachi Kimono Festival

Early May

The Tokamachi Kimono Festival is held on the 3rd of May each year. The region is known for their kimono production, and it's..

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Autumn at Yahiko Shrine 6

Autumn at Yahiko Shrine

Kim B

Yahiko Shrine in Niigata is a popular spot to pray for love and good fortune. It's also particularly popular in autumn when..

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Shirone Kite Battle

Shirone Kite Battle

Early - Mid Jun

The Shirone Kite Festival is an annual event dating back to the mid 1800's. A kite was crashed by residents of Shirone into..

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