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The Otaru Music Box Museum is spread across a number of buildings around the Ironai-dori area, which in all contains over 25,000 music boxes. Each of the buildings can be appreciated in their own right for their elegant western-influenced Meiji-era architecture, unique histories, and the different wares they offer.
Otaru's interesting history as a mercantile and financial center in Hokkaido is very well preserved to this day. To get the most out of your day trip to the town and really learn about its history, follow this guide.
The Otaru canal is a popular year round destination for Japanese and foreign visitors.
Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura Edo Wonderland Theme Park in Hokkaido allows you to experience old Tokyo in a day; great for kids or if short on time in Japan.
Farm Tomita is a fascinating flower farm near Furano in central Hokkaido, focussing on the cultivation of lavender and all kinds of related products.
Chill out at Sapporo's annual Snow Festival in February. With gigantic ice sculptures, hot drinks, and local food, the snow sculptures attract tourists from all over.
A vist to the Poroto Kotan Ainu Museum in Shiraoi, Hokkaido