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Ikuta Shrine in Kobe

Amid the small bustling lanes of Sannomiya in Kobe you can find the wonderful Ikuta Shrine, which is possibly one of the oldest shrines in the country.

Kobe Mosaic

Kobe Mosaic is a popular shopping mall with beautiful scenic views of the city of Kobe. Set on the port side with panoramic views of the Port Tower of Kobe it houses many ethnic restaurants (Indian, Italian, French etc.). Mosaic is also the place from where boat rides to the Akashi and Kobe Airport area start. Located just a 10-minute walk away from JR Kobe Station, it also has an amusement park complete with a Ferris wheel and other joyrides for children. The photo story covers the scenic views outside of the mall.

Kobe Muslim Mosque

Kobe Muslim mosque is the first mosque built in Japan and has survived the Second World War as well as the Great Hanshin earthquake.

Kobe Ohashi

Kobe Ohashi (o-hashi means bridge in Japanese) connects the mainland to Port Island, a reclaimed land structure which finally connects to Kobe Airport. The bridge was constructed in 1970 along with the Port Terminal, and even today it is the only connection between Kobe Airport and the main city of Kobe. Significant reconstruction was undertaken post the Hanshin Earthquake since the automobile expressway was rendered completely unusable. The reconstruction was completed in July of 1996 and one cannot even tell any signs of the disaster today. The Port Terminal Station on the Sannomiya side of the bridge is also a famous spot to view the summer fireworks.

Maiko Park, Kobe

At the foot of the Great Akashi Strait Bridge (aka: Pearl Bridge), Maiko Park spreads out alongside the sea. Here, you can also enjoy the sparkling sea and 1,500 pine trees.