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Saitama Summer Festivals

Summer is festival season in Saitama! There are a great variety of festivals throughout the prefecture during July and August.  Read on for the best of Saitama's summer festivals. 

Kawagoe's Old Town: Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is the symbol of Old Town in Kawagoe City, Saitama. A town preserved in historical appearance and manner, it's a beautiful place to explore. The Bell Tower looms above it all.

A Day in Kawagoe

Kawagoe is quite famous in the Kanto area. Every year more than five million sightseers visit this small little Edo-style town, also known as “Little Edo” or “ko-edo”

Minami Koshigaya Awa Odori Festival

Awa Odori, the famed dance festival from Tokushima, is celebrated in the Tokyo suburb of Koshigaya every year from August 24th to 26th. Local and Tokushima teams perform the exuberant dance moves accompanied by traditional festival music on a circuit around the station front.