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Wagashi Making in Matsue

Ever wanted to try your hand at making traditional Japanese sweets? At the Karakoro Art Studio in Matsue, you're able to do just that. Seasoned wagashi making professionals will guide you through the process step by step, to ensure you make some tasty and aesthetically pleasing eats!

Morijuku Art Museum

The Morijuku Art Museum has an exhibition that features a local painter's work about Tsuwano. However, the building itself is also worth taking some time to see since it is one of the only traditional mansions that is open to the pubic in this castle town. Within this mansion, you can enjoy an authentic mansion type atmosphere, without intruding on someone's home.

Welcome to Oki Islands

The Oki Islands, a group of four large inhabited islands and 180 smaller uninhabited islands and rocky outcrops, are one of the treasures of the Sea of Japan.

Adachi Museum of Art

A “must see” in Shimane, go to the Adachi Museum of Art. Set in the countryside of Yasugi, Adachi is tucked away between dramatic ranges in a long, flat valley.

Taikodani Inari Shrine

Taikodani Inari Shrine is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Tsuwano, the small castle town of south Shimane. A path of 1000 torii gates lead up to the main hall, and there are Night Kagura performances during the summer months.