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Otome Toge St. Maria Chapel

Otome Toge St. Maria Chapel is where the hidden Christians of Nagasaki were brought to, and tortured to give up their faith. After five years of hardship, the ban on Christianity was lifted, and the remaining believers could go back to their homes Nagasaki. A chapel and memorial park was built on the place, where one martyr was said to have been visited by St. Maria.

Welcome to Oki Islands

The Oki Islands, a group of four large inhabited islands and 180 smaller uninhabited islands and rocky outcrops, are one of the treasures of the Sea of Japan.

Adachi Museum of Art

A “must see” in Shimane, go to the Adachi Museum of Art. Set in the countryside of Yasugi, Adachi is tucked away between dramatic ranges in a long, flat valley.

Matsue Castle

Matsue is a traditional castle town, with one of only twelve original remaining castles nationwide as its foremost symbol.