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Gegege no Kitaro

Mizuki Shigeru is considered one of Japan's most talented anime artists. Born in Tottori prefecture, in the port town of Sakaiminato.

Detective Conan’s Birthplace

One of the longest running manga and anime series today is Detective Conan or Case Closed as it is known in the West. Since its manga debut in 1994, more than 80 volumes have been released. As for its anime since 1996, there are more than 800 episodes to date. With the exception of the first movie, all Detective Conan movies have been among the highest-grossing movies in Japan. The 20th movie, The Darkest Nightmare, is scheduled to be released in the middle of April.

Kajikawa's Barbershop and Museum

Kajikawa's Barbershop and Museum is located in Misasa town, Tōhaku district, Tottori prefecture. It is a barbershop-cum-museum that is ran by an old Japanese couple. Haircuts are available for both men and women at a reasonable price, and when it is not busy the couple are more than happy to show visitors around

Tottori Sand Museum

A museum where sand sculpture can be seen at its best. The first museum of its type in the world which brings together leading sculptures to create the 2012 theme.