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Ekin Festival:  Spooky Paintings by Candlelight

Ekin Festival: Spooky Paintings by Candlelight

Jul 20th - Jul 21st

Macabre and festival lovers alike will love this unique festival displaying paintings of kabuki scenes by Ekin, a well known Kochi artist who lived in

Kochi, Honmachi, Akaoka town.. 3 Free
Yamaga Winter Lantern Festival

Yamaga Winter Lantern Festival

Feb 1st - Feb 23rd

The town’s beautifully-restored Yachiyoza theater, normally a venue for kabuki

Kumamoto, Yamaga Free
Three Days in Kyoto (day 3)

Three Days in Kyoto (day 3)

Joe Peters

Stay at the Ryokan where the famous film director, Akira Kurosawa slept in Kyoto, followed by some okonomiyaki, a tour of Nishiki Markets and Kabuki at

Kyoto 2
Masters of Ukiyo-e

Masters of Ukiyo-e

Sleiman Azizi

mysteriously short career and identity only added to the appeal of his kabuki... His works moved ukiyo-e from classic portraits of kabuki actors and courtesans

The Grand Edo-Tokyo Museum 42

The Grand Edo-Tokyo Museum

Elena Lisina

to hold real automobiles from the past while the life-size figures of kabuki... The scene is animated by the sounds of a kabuki play such that it seems

Tokyo 3