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Kamakura-gu Shrine 9

Kamakura-gu Shrine

Tomoko Kamishima

Kamakura-gu offeres two types of talisman against evil: A red wooden statue of a lion's head, and a simple white samurai statue..

Sankeien Garden Sakura Viewing

Sankeien Garden Sakura Viewing


Visiting Sankeien Garden any time of the year is special, but visiting the park during cherry blossom season is amazing.

Kanagawa, Sankeien Garden Mar 22nd - Mar 31st 2 ¥700
Kamakurabori Assembly Hall

Kamakurabori Assembly Hall

Kim B

The Kamakurabori Assembly Hall gives visitors a chance to carve a plate in the style of kamakurabori, a traditional art in the Kamakura..

Kanagawa 5