Exclusive Firework Festival Package

Start the summer holidays off with a bang!

 By Rod Walters   Jun 26, 2013

This is your chance to enjoy big fireworks in a little Japanese city on scenic Shikoku with our Exclusive Firework Festival Package!

Stay in historic Dogo and see a fantastic firework display in Mitsuhama, Matsuyama

Matsuyama, Ehime

August 4-5, 1 night stay

How much?
Adults: 16,000 yen Children 13,000 yen

The firework package has now sold out, but if you're still interested in visiting Matsuyama for the fireworks, both Sen Guesthouse and Dougoya are great places to stay. You can rent a bicycle, cycle to Mitsuhama, and watch the fireworks for free from the large public area.

Many years ago, the feudal lords of Matsuyama used to sail from the port of Mitsuhama to Edo, and the streets of Mitsuhama are lined with picturesque old buildings, some dating back to the Edo period.

Every year in early August, the public of Matsuyama throngs the quayside in Mitsuhama, dressed in gorgeous but casual yukata summer kimono and geta sandals, to enjoy the Mitsuhama firework festival. The streets around the port are lined with stalls serving delicious snacks, cold beer and sake.

Hanabi or ‘fire flowers’ is the word for fireworks in Japanese. The display itself consists of 10,000 fireworks of all sorts, including some massive shells that seem to fill the whole sky. The boom when they explode at 500 m in front of you alone is stunning. Japanese firework creation is very advanced, and each firework goes through numerous changes as each flower unfolds. Even perfect strangers will turn to one another and say, “Isn’t that amazing!”. The atmosphere at these events is very engaging.

Knowledge Travel Partners and Ehime Shinbun Travel Service are offering an exclusive package for this dramatic firework festival on August 4, 2013. Arriving on the 4th, you check into the Hotel Tsubakikan Annex, located in Dogo near the celebrated Dogo Onsen hot spring.

If you want to enjoy the fireworks in a yukata, the hotel staff will help you dress in a hotel yukata, or a fancy one of your choice (special yukata rental 1,000 yen).

A bus then takes you to Mitsuhama where you’re served a box dinner* at the VIP table seating. Before the fireworks, there are performances by a brass band, followed by traditional taiko drums. The fireworks start at 8 pm and finish at 9:20 pm. After the fireworks, you return by bus to Dogo where you can relax in the spa at the hotel, or take a late dip in the historic Dogo Onsen Honkan baths. Checkout is on the 5th.

A photographer will be on hand to take professional quality photos of you at the festival, and to capture shots of the fireworks**.

The package is priced at 16,000 yen per person, including a one-night stay, two meals, entry to the fireworks, and a selection of photos provided by Matsuyama City*. The price for children is 13,000 yen. Rooms are available for 2 to 5 people.

The new Jetstar budget flights between Tokyo Narita and Matsuyama make travel to Matsuyama easier.

*Vegetarian available.
**You will be asked to sign a model release form so that the photos can be used in publicity for future events. If you do not wish to sign the release, your photos will not be used. Only guests who sign the release will receive photos.
***The firework event is subject cancelation at short notice in foul weather. In that case, an alternative entertainment will be provided.

Written by Rod Walters
Japan Travel Member

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Tristan Scholze 4 years ago
Sounds great! A classic Japanese summer experience in style.