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Explore the charms of Kutani porcelain, virtually

Venue: Online When: Mid Sep - Mid Nov 2023

Pottery fan? KUTANism is a festival designed to promote the charm of Kutani porcelain and showcase the cities of Nomi and Komatsu in Ishikawa Prefecture where the porcelain is produced. The festival was first conducted in 2019, and for 2021 the event will be held in the form of an online museum.

The event will include a variety of different elements, including an exhibition of different Kutani ware pieces and guided online tours to provide the experience of taking a real trip to the region -- just without any of the travel involved! Some of the exhibition contents will also change each week during the festival period, ensuring a dynamic, unique experience for participants.

The event website also includes a shopping section for those based in Japan, with a range of different Kutani ware artisans offering products for sale.

Getting there

KUTANism 2021 can be accessed online via the official event website here.

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