The Golden Route

Explore the tradition of Japan this Golden Week

Explore the Golden Route

Follow the renowned 'Golden Route' in Japan, which follows the route of the old Tōkaidō road from Tokyo to Kyoto, taking in some of Japan's most famous spots including Mount Fuji and Hakone too. Experience the magic yourself by visiting some of the highlights along this route, as recommended by The Golden Route is the perfect introduction to Japan.



Experience the hustle and busy of Japan's capital city, Tokyo. Witness the neon lights of Shibuya, Shinjuku, or Akihabara, or explore the historical districts of Ginza and Marunouchi, near Tokyo Station:

Information and photos of the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo. More
Kabuki is one of the traditional Japanese performing arts which has over 400-year history. I would highly recommend you try it out once in your lifetime at the newly-renovated Kabuki-za in Ginza. More
 Sengakuji Temple is the final resting place for the 47 Ronin samurai and in modern day Tokyo, the themes of “Gi” (justice;義) and “Chu” (loyalty;忠) are still highly esteemed by the Japanese. More



Hakone is one of the most famous hot springs areas in the world, and people come here from all over Japan to enjoy them. Hakone is also extremely beautiful, with mountains, Lake Ashinoko and of course Mount Fuji, whose views are absolutely stunning.

The observatory lounge of the Hakokne Narukawa Art Museum has a breathtaking view of the best combination of Ashino-ko Lake and Mt. Fuji you will ever see. More
Because of easy access from Tokyo, her great beauty, and breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji, Ashino-ko has become one of Japan’s most popular resort areas. More
Getting around Hakone in a variety of fun and exciting ways. More



Visit the traditional and cultural capital of Kyoto, and take in the famous sites of Kiyomizu Temple, Daikaku-ji and Arashiyama.

One of the great sunsets in Kyoto can be seen from the Sai-mon West Gate of Kiyomizu-dera Temple. More
Daikaku-ji Temple, located in the northwest suburbs of Kyoto, contains the same design elements of the ancient Imperial Palace. More
The Japanese have a long history with bamboo in their folklore, metaphorically linking a man's strength with this plant. More



If you've made it to Kyoto, then Osaka is practically on your doorstep, is one of Japan's biggest cities outside Tokyo and has lots to offer. Take in this vibrant city's sites, such as the Osaka Aquarium, Osaka Castle and the Umeda and Namba districts.

Osaka Castle is one of the symbols of Osaka City. The entire area covers about two square kilometers with lots of trees and green space. The closest JR train station is Osakajokoen, meaing Osaka Castle Park. You can also get here on the subway from Osaka Business Park station. More
The state-of-the-art Umeda Sky Building and its magnificent floating garden with a “million dollar view” of Osaka. More
Osaka Aquarium is one of the biggest aquariums in the world open to the public. It is located near Osaka Bay in the ward of Minato. More