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Santa's Diner

Santa's Diner

JapanTravel Guest

A nice, simple diner-style burger joint in the Yashima area of Takamatsu. Great flavor, great price, and a robust menu of that delicious..

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What is a Mont Blanc?

What is a Mont Blanc?

Lester Goh

So, what is a Mont Blanc? In Japan, the Mont Blanc refers to a dessert and not just any dessert; but an exquisite confection t..

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Neko Cafe Club 6

Neko Cafe Club

Perri Silverstein

This two-story cat cafe in Jiyugaoka houses over 30 cats and kittens. Scottish Fold and Munchkin felines are the breed of choice..

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Coffee Cone Tokyo

Coffee Cone Tokyo

Kim B

Coffee Cone Tokyo is located in Koenji, and the cafe takes on a unique approach when it comes to the serving of their lattes. They..

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