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Tosenkyo Soumen Nagashi Restaurant offers flowing somen in refreshing spring water. An interesting way of eating from a circular tray.
Most of these things can only be eaten while on the island of Yakushima! Go for it!
Kagomma Yataimura offers diners the chance to try Kagoshima specialties in cozy food stalls a stone's throw from Kagoshima-Chuo station.
Try the regional specialty of Kagoshima, enjoying tender and juicy black pork with steamed vegetables and tofu at Ichiniisan.
Nobuyo and Kaname Ikeda have been cooking ramen for years, and it shows!
This Kagoshima-based soup curry franchise delivers hearty and mouth-watering Japanese soup curry from Hokkaido. 
Sushi and sashimi lunches from 780 yen! Just a short, five-minute walk from Kagoshima Chuo Station!