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Purple Sweet Potato Soft-Serve

In Kamakura, there are many shops that sell soft serve ice-cream; "Imo Yoshi" (いも吉館) is one of these quaint little ice-cream shops. "Imo" translates as potato, while "yoshi" means good luck. Imo Yoshi located a short walk away from Daibutsu (The Great Buddha) in Kotoku-in temple, so stop by before or after your visit to the temple (or both times!). The store also sells purple sweet potato croquettes, if you're feeling a little peckish as well.

Octopus Cracker in Kamakura

Try tako-sembei (octopus cracker) when visiting the Great Buddha and Hasedera Temple in Kamakura.  Strange but tasty treat for those who like weird Japanese food.

Ofuna's Tsukiji Sen Sushi

Inside Ofuna Station, just above the platforms, there is a shopping area “Dila Ofuna” close to the south exit. Tsukiji Sen Sushi (つきじ千鮨) is located inside Dila Ofuna.