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Octopus Cracker in Kamakura

Try tako-sembei (octopus cracker) when visiting the Great Buddha and Hasedera Temple in Kamakura.  Strange but tasty treat for those who like weird Japanese food.

Extra Fluffy Pancakes in Harajuku

About a week ago Food Insider has published the video of extra fluffy pancakes served in Japan and the world went crazy. Now, everybody wants to visit Cafe Gram and try this marvelous puffy goodness.

Ra.a.g.f Rabbit Café, Harajuku

Ra.a.g.f is a colorful rabbit café located a few minutes away from Harajuku or Meiji Jingu-mae station, on the third floor of a small house. They have more than 20 rabbits of all races and colors for you to play with and you'll surely enjoy your stay with the cutest bunnies in town! 

Totti Cotton Candy in Harajuku

Totti Cotton Candy in Harajuku is a sweets shop offering cake pops and cotton candy. The store is extremely popular amongst young people, and often has a long line of people waiting to receive their cotton candy inside the store. The inside of the store boasts a fantasy-like aura and offers everything you would expect from Harajuku in its décor - sparkling jewels, pink shelves, rows and rows of colorful, rainbow candy. The lighting inside is also quite mystical, as there is also mist wafting around to help you feel like you are in a dreamworld.