Apple-Picking in October

Miyata Apple Farm, Fujiyama Village, Kawaba

By Jodean Ongly Lei   Nov 28, 2016 - 1 min read

Miyata Apple Farm in Kawaba in Gunma Prefecture lies along the outskirts of Tokyo. A morning's bus ride takes you to this sweet getaway for a couple of hours of apple-picking. The autumn breeze of early October is the perfect time to visit, as the sun barely warms the face, but highlights the red hues of each and every fruit.

We were allowed to pick just 2 or 3 to take home, but there was no limit to picking them fresh off the branch and consuming it whole immediately.

At the peak of harvest time, the apples were juicy crispy and as delicious as they appeared. Nothing beats the real experience of picking and then eating a fresh apple; one that warms and fulfills a treasured childhood dream.   

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Jodean Ongly Lei

Jodean Ongly Lei @Jodean Ongly Lei