Himeji Castle

Architectural beauty

 By Manish Prabhune   Feb 12, 2013

Himeji Castle, one of the architecturally beautiful castles in Japan, is currently undergoing renovation work (until 2014). However, visitors can watch the restoration process of the three story castle from observation platforms, and they can still enter other areas of the castle complex and visit the castle defenses. In this photo story however, I've captured the castle before the restoration project started.

Photography by Manish Prabhune
Japan Travel Member

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Tristan Scholze 4 years ago
Manish Prabhune Photographer 4 years ago
Thanks Terrie for the comment.
I was new in Hyogo then, and the snaps with the dark clouds is pure coincidence, no planned photo-shoot. Just lucky.
telloyd 4 years ago
You picked a great day to be taking photos. That dark cloud contrasting the stark white of the castle is perfect. Just lucky or on purpose?