Keikyu’s Aburatusbo Marine Park

Colorful sights and sea life in rural Kanagawa

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As an island nation Japan’s culture and history are linked inseparably to the sea. This fact is clearly illustrated by this country’s abundance of aquariums where visitors can experience some of the rich marine life that thrives along its coasts. One such place worth visiting is Keikyu Aburatusbo Marine Park.

Situated towards the bottom half of Kanagawa’s Miura Peninsular, this impressive aquarium is home to over 6000 sea creatures and features many interesting displays and exhibits. This includes a giant doughnut shaped tank where visitors can enjoy a 360° panoramic view of various marine life.

For anyone who likes musicals then be sure to head over to the ‘Fantasium’ or Indoor Theatre where you can see some very well trained dolphins and sea lions putting on an impressive display, that includes many high jumps and big splashes.

Naturally, this park also features many cute penguins along with an Otter Forest (auso-no-mori), where anyone willing enough can touch these cute creatures via a specially constructed display case.

This park also features an observation platform, which is especially popular during the winter time as you can enjoy watching some great views of the sun setting down on Sagami Bay below

Getting there

From Misakiguchi Station, this park is approximately a 15 minute bus ride away. Misakuguchi Station is situated on the Keikyu Line, about a 70 minute ride from Tokyo Station. For full details please see check:

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