Top 5 Cafes in Chigasaki

Strolling around some of the nicest cafes in coastal Kanagawa

By Christophe Audisio    - 5 min read

Chigasaki is a popular spot for people that want to take a break from the metropolis. It just takes about an hour to get there by train and thanks to its nice beach, the shops along the Southern Street and the relaxed atmosphere, people are sure to have a nice time. And there is also a large selection of cafes - whether chains or specialty coffees. So large in fact that it can be hard to decide which one to go to.

Since moving to Chigasaki, I have had the chance to try out different cafes around the area and it took me some time to decide which ones are my favorite ones in the city and narrowed it down to this list, each one of the places below is different than the others, so there is something for everyone to choose from!

Flower Coffee / Brew Bar

This small specialty coffee is located halfway between Chigasaki station and the beach. Hidden at the corner of a building, the hipster type of vibe that it gives with its minimalistic style and friendly barista may remind the US west coast to some. The laid back atmosphere and the carefully selected coffee beans will attract coffee connoisseurs to try it out and all the single origins will have a very distinctive taste. The staff will gladly talk about any of them and answer any question, that is if you are lucky enough and not too many customers are queuing behind you!

The only real downside is that the place is relatively small. If the weather is nice, I would suggest to grabbing a coffee and enjoying the sun!

Address 1 Chome-7 Higashikaigankita, Chigasaki, Kanagawa 253-0053
Tel 0467-37-6618
Opening 7:00am-7:00pm / closed Wednesdays (roasting day!)


When entering this café, you will feel like you just entered in someone’s house for coffee, welcomed by the shopkeeper doing his accounting on several notebooks spread over the table. All the different types of beans that are proposed are displayed on the counter, next to which a relatively small roasting machine sits ready to use.

The selection here is quite nice, so for a first visit -like every time I discover a new place - I made sure to order the house blend, as this always gives the best feeling or what the owner’s taste for coffee is.

This place made it to my top spots because it’s exactly the kind of place that could back memories of home to some, which was the case for me! And, of course, the dark roasted coffee blend I had was quite mild, perfect to be drank with a sweet cake on the side!

Address 15-16 Saiwaicho, Chigasaki, Kanagawa 253-0052
Tel 0467-58-5335
Opening Times 9:30am-6:30pm / closed Mondays

Suzu no ki

The first time you look for this place, you are most likely to get a bit confused by the streets. Just a 5 minute walk from the station, this café has made it to this list not only because of coffee⁠—that itself is quite good⁠—but also because the range of drinks, cakes and sweets on offer. It's the perfect treat whether you just happen to feel like it or you want to spend a nice moment. One of my personal favorites here is the Viennese coffee, with the cream whipped upon order – its mouthful taste will make you feel warm inside and call for a relaxing time. If you are alone, you can just bring a book with you and relax!

Address 4-32 Motomachi, Chigasaki, Kanagawa 253-0043
Tel 0467-82-3411
Opening Times 11:30am-6:00pm / closed Sundays, Mondays

Chigasaki Coffee Club

Located just about 5 minutes walk from the station, the Chigasaki coffee club looks exactly like what you would expect from a classic Japanese kissaten - traditional Japanese coffee houses. The dark lights are accompanied only by the sound of the plates and the coffee being prepared. Some regular patrons will be sitting on a couch at the corner, smoking their cigarette while reading the newspaper, making the whole scene look like it was stuck in time. The staff is very friendly and not invasive at all, so I never felt like I was being pushed to choose or to leave, on the contrary, I always feel very comfortable entering the place and enjoying my time there with no pressure. Regarding coffee, there are two main blends that are both worth trying, both dark roasted but one has a smoky taste that fits perfectly with one of the different cakes served there.

Address 13-13-1 Shineicho, Chigasaki, Kanagawa 253-0044
Tel 0467-58-2212
Opening Times 9am-9pm

Southern Beach Café

If you are planning to go to this cafe during the weekends or holidays, you may want to book in advance or be ready to queue a bit. Located right in front of the famous Southern beach, this cozy cafe is one of the favourite spots for anyone that strolls around even though not specialized in coffee. But from drinks to burgers, without forgetting a lot of other dishes, people can enjoy their meal with a nice view over the ocean and, if the weather is good enough, people can easily spot Eboshi Iwa and even Enoshima further East, which all together makes for a very nice time.

Address 4 Chome-12986 Nakakaigan, Chigasaki, Kanagawa 253-0055
Tel 0467-82-4445
Opening Times 8am-10pm

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