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Yuji Kanamaru Exhibition

Yuji Kanamaru Exhibition

Jan 19th - 25th 2022

A special exhibition at Daimaru Kyoto will explore around 40 of Yuji Kanamaru's eccentric and often animal-focused artworks,..

Kyoto 1 Free
Disney Cats and Dogs

Disney Cats and Dogs

Mar 9th - 27th 2022

From March 9th until March 27th, Fukuoka Mitsukoshi is hosting a Disney Cats and Dogs Exhibition. The full-scale event will include..

Fukuoka 2 ¥1,000
Souri Pond Plum Festival

Souri Pond Plum Festival

Mid Feb - Mid Mar

Each year, Aichi's Souri Pond hosts a plum blossom festival to celebrate the impressive 6000 plum trees in 25 different varieties..

Aichi 2 Free
The Holy Light 13

The Holy Light

Reynald Ventura

Trying out an old camera, I spent time walking towards Ofuna City and discovered Jochi-ji, a Zen temple in Kita-kamakura built in..

Kanagawa 11
Valentine's Afternoon Tea

Valentine's Afternoon Tea

Jan 15th - Feb 14th 2022

Looking for a way to celebrate the season of love? The Hotel Tokyu Yokohama Bay is hosting a Valentine's-themed afternoon tea..

Kanagawa 1 ¥4,200
Hoshino Resort Tomamu

Hoshino Resort Tomamu

Bonson Lam

Tomamu Resort is like being on centre stage in Nature’s amphitheatre, playing and resting in peace and solitude.

Hokkaido 12
Sendai's Octopus Temple

Sendai's Octopus Temple

Justin Velgus

The Tako Yakushi-do Temple (literally “Octopus Yakushi Hall”) is located alongside the Butai Hachiman Shrine in the Nagamachi ..

Miyagi 11
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