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Koga Kubo Park

Koga Kubo Park

Elizabeth S

Koga Kubo Park in Koga City, Ibaraki Prefecture celebrates peach blossoms each spring and puts on a breathtaking display of autumn..

Ibaraki 6
Korea Park Fair

Korea Park Fair

Dec 24th 2021 - Jan 11th 2022

For a limited time, Shibuya Marui is hosting a Korea Park fair. The event will offer a variety of Korean cosmetics, foods, and pop-culture..

Tokyo 1
Tokyo Revengers Exhibition

Tokyo Revengers Exhibition

Jan 29th - Feb 14th 2022

A special Tokyo Revengers Exhibition will take place at Tokyo's Sunshine City Mall from January 29th until February 14th 2022,..

Tokyo 1 ¥2,000
Bigo Live Projection Mapping Event

Bigo Live Projection Mapping Event

Dec 24th - 25th 2021

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Odaiba's Venus Fort mall will be hosting a fun projection mapping event in conjunction with..

Tokyo 1 Free
The Science Behind Pixar Exhibition

The Science Behind Pixar Exhibition

Apr 19th - Jun 28th 2022

A special exhibition taking place at the Sapporo Art Park Museum in 2022 will take a look into the science behind the creation of..

Matsu, Take and Ume 15

Matsu, Take and Ume

Elena Lisina

The combination of pine, bamboo and plum blossoms in Japan symbolizes courage, virtue, strength, fortitude, eternal youth and longevity..

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