Mie Prefecture

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 By Chris Glenn   Nov 30, 2011

Stretching north to south along the eastern side of the centrally located Kii Peninsula, sandwiched in between the bustling metropolises of Nagoya, Osaka and Kyoto is Mie Prefecture. It’s a prefecture rich in history, culture and legend. It’s also a naturally blessed region with over 1,000 Km of picturesque island dotted Pacific Ocean coastline backed by ancient forests and majestic mountains.

Over a third of the prefecture is designated as nature reserves and national parks. In the olden days, Mie was called Miketsukuni, or “The Land of Imperial Provisions”, as the bountiful region was responsible for providing the Imperial Court with all manner of foodstuffs. Seafoods from it’s pristine waters, fruits, vegetables and other delicacies from it’s abundant forests and mountains.

Mie Prefecture boasts many leisure facilities such as hot springs, theme parks and, of course, the internationally-renowned Suzuka racing circuit. Mie is where pearls were first cultivated. It’s home to the most venerated Shinto shrine in all Japan, the mighty Ise Shrine, and the World Heritage listed Kumano Road. It’s home of the mysterious warriors known as Ninja, and the culturally preserved “Ama”, women divers. It’s also home to a number of “Power Spots”, areas of natural wonder where humans strangely feel rejuvenated.

Mie Prefecture has so much to offer. Granted, it is a little out of the way, and often overlooked by the tourist trade and travel itineraries, but therein lies its charm. The area is little visited by foreign travelers, you’ll see and experience things few non –Japanese, and maybe even few Japanese, have seen. There really IS somewhere in Japan that adventure can still be found! If there is a traditional “Heartland “ of Japan, a pure Japan, then Mie Prefecture could well be it.

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Written by Chris Glenn
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