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Experience the best of Yokohama’s Minato Mirai during sunset where you can witness this colorful, neon lit landscape
The Noge district in Yokohama is a great drinking and jazz spot.
One of the largest Chinatown's in the world, Yokohama Chinatown is a place like no other. Just over one hour by train from Tokyo, it is the ideal place in Japan for Chinese feasting. 
Every summer, Kamakura beach is home to dozens of funky bars and food stands right on the sand, great places for eating, drinking and people-watching.
Outstanding food, genuine service and cozy atmosphere makes for an excellent dinner choice at Garlic House in Yokosuka. Located 5-minutes walking distance from Yokosuka-Chuo station, what makes this restaurant extra special is each visit feels like dinner with a personal chef and the complimentary touches at the end of your meal: Hot green tea, French vanilla ice cream and chewing gum to help cleanse your palate.
We couldn’t have picked a better day to make the pilgrimage to Noge’s Chigusa Jazu Kissa (Jazz Café) to listen to recorded jazz as the Buddha intended it- on vinyl!
Don Quijote is a popular discount chain store in Japan that sells a hodgepodge of goods. Find unique gifts to bring back home and take advantage of the tax-free shopping! Also known as "Donki" for short, most shops are open 24 hours, including Don Quijote Yokosuka.
Sunny interior overlooks the ocean at Shichirigahama. Enjoy the Australian vibrant flavors of bills’ much-loved dishes.