Fancy Banana Treats at 7-Eleven

Unique banana sweets this summer

 By Noriko Duck   Aug 11, 2016

As August 7 was Banana Day in Japan, 7-Eleven decided to debut banana themed treats to coincide with this event. They're chocolate banana eclair and pom doughnut flavored with chocolate and banana whipped cream. Having them is a very good way to get through this hot season by eating the nutritious, healthy fruit. The eclair has quite a presence. Lots of whipped cream and custard cream, generously coated with rich chocolate and sprinkled with a colorful chocolate spray. You can try the product which is reminiscent of a chocolate banana, which is a popular item at summer fairs in Japan, for just 230 yen. The doughnut on the other hand has a light, springy texture, partially coated in banana chocolate, whipped cream and banana cream; these flavors heightened by the addition of bitter chocolate chips. Available at 128 yen. These sweets will make you realize how tasty banana desserts can be!

Written by Noriko Duck
Japan Travel Member

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Noriko Duck Author 9 months ago
Yeah, they were!
Shri Bhagwan Sharma a year ago
very delicious and tasty banana chocolates. every one should enjoy it.
Shri Bhagwan Sharma a year ago
Justin Velgus a year ago
Another temptation for me to visit the konbini!
Noriko Duck Author a year ago
Good to know! Coffee is a good match to the banana sweets!
Noriko Duck Author a year ago
Good sweets are sold at a reasonable price there. I love them!