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On Cycling on a Single Ladies Course a year ago
Robert: Ha, ha, this is great. I've lost track of how many times I decided to cycle across a bit of Japan and took the short cut - only to find...
On Kyoto Guesthouse Roujiya at Nijo 5 years ago
What a cool place! Great find. Cheap too. I just clicked on the Book Now bell and found it is only JPY4,000 and a bit per night.
On A (Very) Rustic Ceramics Factory 5 years ago
OK, my guess is that you bought that one hand-made looking white bowl in the top third of the photo. I'm so envious you got all that hand-made...
On Rikugien (Riku Garden) Stroll 5 years ago
Nice find. I hadn't heard of this park before and will check it out. Tokyo is full of little spots like this where you can recharge after all...
On Unspoiled Paradise Ishigaki Island 5 years ago
How on earth did you get this great photo of a habu snake eating a field rat? Great shot!