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On Tejikara Summer Fire Festival 5 years ago
looks like a fun summer festival!
On Taketomi Island 5 years ago
sounds amazing- seeing those beautiful pictures on miserable rainy days really inspires, thanks for the uplift :)
On Toei Kyoto Film and TV Studio Park 5 years ago
great write up - I wonder if this is the place that had a big fire last year, guess they are back in business without a hitch. I went many years...
On Bungy Jumping in Minakami 5 years ago
I am so afraid of heights I doubt I could do it, but big ups to you! If I ever try it, I'd love to do it somewhere like this, looks beautiful!...
On Setsubun at Gokoku-jinja 5 years ago
thanks bonbon- I think it is still a great event for those of us who never really grow up! Hope you make it yourself to enjoy the event someday....