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On Soy Sauce Kingdom in Saitama 2 years ago
Wow! So many kinds of soy sauce and food to try! ^^
On Cliho Shimoakatsuka Shared House 2 years ago
This is an affordable long-term accommodation find! Would love to try staying here when I am able to come back to Tokyo. Thanks for sharing...
On Japanese Customs and Habits 2 years ago
Evangeline, these are so funny and informative!
On Sakaeya's Okonomiyaki 2 years ago
Thanks Relinda! Me too! Okonomiyaki is so yummy. ^^
On Making Japanese Sweets in Kanazawa 2 years ago
Hibino-san, looks like a lot of fun! I would love to be able to try making okashi too! I have only been a recipient so far, it will be nice...