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Mugs Cafe
Great Coffee and Burgers by the Sea
Right in the middle of downtown, between the two main ferry ports. Located along the sea, Mugs Cafe is a great place to get the kind of drinks you can't usually get at Mom n Pop cafes. Smoothies, shakes, blended coffee, espresso, coffee, juice, and more.
Ooasahiko Shrine
A wonderful shrine in Naruto
OoAsahiko ( 大麻比古神社 ) is a Shinto Shrine in Naruto, Tokushima. Located within walking distance of Ryozen Temple, it is the first of the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage.
Nagasaki no Hana
You can see everything from here
A narrow peninsula jutting out into the sea, Nagasaki no Hana is a great place to get a view of the surrounding seascape of Takamatsu.
Cafe Kokoro in Saijo
Healthy 'Zen' dining near Saijo Station
Heavy on the vegetables and easy on the meat; these dishes are good for the heart and soul. Decorated in the spirit of a zen garden, Kokoro has a very relaxing atmosphere
Marukin Omachidou
My all time favorite lunchplace, ever
A Japanese home-style restaurant, with a wide variety of dishes all done extremely well. Despite the high quality, taste and generous portions, the prices are quite low!
Yururi Café
Enjoy food and drink with your feet in a foot spa!
A cafe located at Yu no Tani Onsen. Diners have the option of seating inside the café, or at an outdoor foot bath! Enjoy Italian food, desserts, and drinks.
Cook's Café
Bagels, coffee, and a unique atmosphere
A café in the heart of Niihama with a variety of bagels! That's right, you can get bagel sandwiches or have them with flavored cream cheese! Coffee. Comfort. Brunch.
Green India
The best curry around
Green India is a delicious North Indian curry restaurant in Mure Town, Takamatsu.
A large, mountain monastery of the Soto Zen sect
Zuio-ji is a temple monastery of the Soto sect of Zen Buddhism. Many monks live, train, work, and study here. Meditation is free for lay people to attend.
The Yashima Plateau
Spend a day exploring historic Yashima
Yashima is a plateau in Takamatsu City with a long history. There are shrines, a temple, a castle ground, hiking paths, and plenty of places to get stunning views of the surrounding area.
Found: 43 results