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On Couchsurfing in Japan 3 years ago
I have heard great things about couch surfing, I will definitely try it some day! I read an article about a man travelling through either Japan...
On View from Okinawa's Emerald Beach 3 years ago
Great photos, especially the last few!
On Magical Sunset Over Wakasa Fuji 3 years ago
Andre I was only joking haha! If you have any places you can recommend would be great to know!
On Former Furukawa Gardens 3 years ago
Oh ok I haven't seen those ones I will have to look out for them!
On Dodo no Sora: American Diner Cafe 3 years ago
I wasn't expecting that! Great to actually see the owner and her speak about her cafe, its like a TV advert haha! The food looks good too :)