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On How to Get Free Wi-Fi in Osaka 4 years ago
Thanks Bonson! Very helpful advice here.
On New York Grill at Park Hyatt Tokyo 4 years ago
Ok, you have gotten me in the mood to try it out. Need to watch the movie again first!
On Kenrokuen: A Park for Winter's End 4 years ago
I visited Kenroku-en this year as part of an H.I.S. bus tour and found it beautiful. Unfortunately they only gave us 60 minutes to view the...
On Kyoto Adashino Nenbutsu-ji Temple 4 years ago
Wow! These are great photos Tomoko. The colors are amazing and such a beautiful location.
On Minakami Canyoning and Rafting 4 years ago
Great article! I had a wonderful experience in Minakami and its highly recommended especially if you are able to go with a large group of friends....