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On Fireworks Festival in Rinko Park 5 years ago
It's beautiful, and I never balk at those adventurous tastes found at the stalls. After the last 'star mine,' I find myself wanting more.
On The Roots of Yokohama Chinatown 5 years ago
I enjoyed the piece. I lambasted whaling until I ate some, it is delicious. A shark is the only large animal on this planet immune to all diseases,...
On Kado restaurant in Muikamachi 5 years ago
4-alarm curry was the first thing I ate here, indeed a day-ruiner, but then I've also eaten dog food and soap (by accident).
On Beer Belly Brew Pub in Osaka 5 years ago
A watering hole that finally tells it like it is. Glad knowing you were not too underfed to not make it back.
On Kibi no Makibi Park 5 years ago
I wonder why he did it. I've always found it the most difficult script and sound to get around on here. Nice statue.