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Japan Rail Passes, Better than Ever
Cost effective ways to travel Japan in 2017 and 2018
Japan Rail Pass, better than ever
Ugoku and Kenka Tanabata
Moving and Fighting Festival
Decorated floats of paper lanterns
Shiigawaki Shrine Near Hamamatsu
Enjoy an atmospheric forest shrine in the countryside
In the countryside north of Hamamatsu in Japan's Shizuoka prefecture, Shiigawaki shrine is a peaceful shinto shrine in an atmospheric natural setting.
Kanagawa's Shonan Monorail
An exciting ride between Ofuna Station & Enoshima
The Shonan Monorail is an exciting ride, taking you up and over mountains and valleys, from Ofuna Station to the sea.
Japanese Cinema Sites
Top four filming locations to look out for
What the avid film fan should look out for during their travels in Japan.
Samurai Kanazawa
Exploring samurai culture in Kanazawa
Kanazawa is the go-to city for samurai fanatics looking for a glimpse into the iconic culture and history.
Kinugawa Tobu World Square
An amazing way to preserve historic world structures
1/25 scale of some of the worlds most interesting and historic structures. Very detailed with over one million hand painted people, as well as vehicles, plants and water to make the scenes look lifelike.
Yoi Mise in Toyooka
Soba noodle shop next to a rice paddy
Enjoy the excellent view and great soba noodles at Yoi Mise in Toyooka
Keisei Skyliner and Information Center
Fastest transportation from Narita Airport to Tokyo
The Keisei Skyliner is the ideal train connection between Tokyo from Narita Airport for travelers looking for speed, convenience and comfort.
Which Kyoto Day Trip?
Himeji and Kobe vs Nara
If you have only a limited time in Kyoto an want to see more of the Kensai region, it can be difficult to decide where to go. Japan Travel has outlined the two most popular day trips.
Found: 12752 results