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Hiking Mount Hongu
Challenging day trip from Nagoya
Sitting on the border of Toyokawa, Okazaki and Shinshiro cities in Aichi prefecture, Mount Hongu offers a great workout. Although she stands at only 789 meters, it is certainly not for the faint-hearted.
Gokoku-jinja Shrine in Shizuoka
An impressive shrine in a forest setting
In the eastern part of Shizuoka city in central Japan, Gokoku-jinja is an impressive shinto shrine in a pleasant forest setting.
The Beauty and Charm of Yamagata
Enchanting in all four seasons
Yamagata Prefecture prides itself on its distinctive four seasons and is blessed with an abundance of nature and delicious food. Here’s how to enjoy a unique part of Japan that has something to offer in any season of the year.
Sake Tasting in Tokyo
Discovering the Japanese beverage with a sake sommelier
Sake tasting tour in Tokyo with a Japanese sommelier
Baskin Robbins Ice Cream
31 flavors for 31 days of the month
Baskin Robbins is a well-known ice cream chain that originated from the USA and has a presence in almost 50 countries worldwide. Most countries refer to the chain as Baskin Robbins or BR for short, but in Japan it is more commonly known as 31 (Thirty-one).
Restaurant Washoku Yohira
Seasonal Nagasaki cuisine in a traditional setting
Washoku Yohira is a hidden oasis in Shianbashi, Nagasaki's entertainment district. Housed in a lovely 140-year-old building, this wonderful restaurant serves traditional Nagasaki cuisine based on seasonal ingredients.
Real Escape Room Asakusa
Survive the Urban Legend: The house of no return….
Think you could survive a horror movie? Then stop by Real Escape Room Asakusa and play the game Survive the Urban Legend.
Survive the Urban Legend Asakusa
Become a Paranormal Investigator in Tokyo city!
Located just 4 minutes from Asakusa Station, Real Escape Room offers you an hour of fun with a unique Japanese horror storyline.
Wise Owls Hostel in Shibuya
A fun, friendly hostel in the middle of Tokyo
Close to Shibuya in the heart of Tokyo, Wise Owls Hostel is a modern, friendly backpackers hostel. Designed with budget travelers in mind, it's clean, friendly and affordable.
JR East Pass
Explore East Japan at your own pace
Explore the best of what Japan has to offer with the JR East Pass. Learn about how the JR East Pass can save you money when travelling around JR East's vast network.
Found: 13086 results