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On Hanamiyama Cherry Blossoms 6 years ago
I think that beautiful name of Hanamiyana.This story said that cherry blossoms in Hanamiyama is wonderful.I have been to Fukushima.I would like...
On Yamada Bicycles Kurashiki 6 years ago
Yamada Bicycles of the owner makes the only handmade bicycle.I was sueprised to read that story.Moreover,I remembered my childhood.I want to...
On Bizen Osafune Sword Museum 6 years ago
This story aroused my interest in Bizen Osefune Sword Museum.Sword has a lot of charm.I would like to see the samurai movie.I wont to visit...
On Sogenji Temple 6 years ago
This story was interesting.I want to look the beautiful endscape.
Zazan is bery wonderful Japanese culture.I want to try Zazen.