Where is the best place to purchase KitKat candy bars in a variety of flavors?

Asked by Jessica A Paje · 7 years ago

In the United States, we only have milk chocolate and maybe matcha green tea if there's a local Japanese supermarket. I want to try flavors only found in Japan!

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Answered by Olga Kaneda · 7 years ago

Several unusual tastes can be found in Don Quixote ドン・キホーテ (Roppongi, Asakusa, Akasaka), if you are in Japan at the moment. Also now there is an Easter KitKat at many supermarkets (apple and carrot taste). We visited the official KitKat store but there is not much choice. BTW, in Kyoto they have hojicha KitKat and Uji matcha KitKat.


Answered by Martyn Bissett · 7 years ago

Every time a new seasonal KitKat comes out here you can find that and others at supermarkets/ convenience stores throughout the country. I read in Metropolis magazine that there is a carrot and apple pie variety coming out next :) Also, I've noticed at Narita airport in the terminal they have a wide selection I guess for people taking home gifts.

Answered by Terrie Lloyd · 7 years ago

Not a big KitKat fan myself, but if you are one and you're living outside Japan, you might be interested to know that you can buy a 35 piece Mother's Day set on eBay.com.

Answered by Amber Mezbourian · 7 years ago

Like Martyn said, if you are wanting to buy KitKats to take to friends and family outside of Japan, just wait until you get to Narita airport. I saw a wider variety of different flavours in the shops in the airport terminal than anywhere else!

Answered by Sherilyn Siy · 7 years ago

The airport is actually a good place to get your stash of Japanese only KitKat and unlike other international airports, the airports in Japan have reasonable prices (not that much more expensive than outside). 

Answered by Nicholas Chan · 7 years ago

Tokyo JR Station also has a lot of souvenir shops within the boundaries of the gantries itself as well as in the basement shopping street carrying scores of regional snacks, confections and souvenirs. These same shops also carry the seasonal range of KitKat that would be available.

Answered by Allie Tan · 7 years ago

You should be able to find unique flavours of KitKat in most convenience stores. The biggest variety I found in one place was in the Osaka International Airport. The prices aren't higher than what you find outside either.  

Answered by Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu · 6 years ago

I'd recommend visiting Don Quijote. They have so far the cheapest chocolates, and you get tax free (when you present your passport) purchase as well. However, it depends on the branch, some shops have limited flavors of Kit-kit, while those bigger branches (mostly in Tokyo area) have several flavors of Kit-Kat. It's worth a visit. 

Answered by richard bell · 7 months ago

The airport is a fantastic spot to stock up on Japanese-only KitKat, and unlike other international airports, Japan's airports are reasonably priced.

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