Good import-food markets in the Tokyo area?

Asked by Victoria Vlisides · 4 years ago

What are some good import-food stores in the Tokyo area? I want to buy Greek olives and Mexican food ingredients, to get super specific. But, if anyone has any general recommendations, please...!


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2 Answers
Answered by Olga Kaneda · 4 years ago

I've seen some Mexican food ingredients at Niku no Hanamasa (they actually have quite a variety of imported goods), then there is Kaldi, supermarkets for foreigners Nissin and National Azabu, and a nice small shop "& MARKET" (アンドマーケット) close to Shirokanedai station. At Peacock there is also Mexican food.

I'm also looking for good (and not too expensive) olives, but at all mentioned places they are rather pricey. 

At Costco it must be less expensive, but their volumes are a little too big (for me). 

Answered by Carol Akiyama · 3 years ago

Caldo is a chain of small shops with imported food. They have olives, antipasto, pickled jalapeno, taco seasoning. They are located in many shopping malls and prices are decent!

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