Natto: Good or Bad?

Asked by Victoria Vlisides · 3 years ago

Do you enjoy the traditional Japanese food of fermented soy beans? Most westerns hate it, but recently, I've come to find the good points of it. Do any other people like natto? How do you usually prepare it? A lot of my co-workers just said to eat it with rice, haha.


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9 Answers
Answered by Mandy Bartok · 3 years ago

I never enjoyed natto until I started eating it about a year ago, mostly for the health benefits (fermented foods are great!). I like mine over rice, but I also top it with avocado and somtimes strips of dried nori and then a drizzle of soy sauce. A bit rich and filling but a surprisingly good snack. I have learned, however, that I only enjoy the smaller beaned natto, as opposed to Kyushu natto, which has much larger beans.

Answered by Susan Tumanon · 3 years ago

I like Natto too. I usually just put soy sauce with my Natto. My Japanese friends suggested omellete natto and natto with cheese, but I haven't tried them yet.

Answered by Relinda Puspita · 3 years ago

Honestly, first look, I thought I am not gonna like it. Then, in the name of adventure, I tried it, and guess what, its taste is not as bad as its look. I agree it's good to eat it with rice, without rice it's still good though.

Answered by Olga Kaneda · 3 years ago

I like it as it is, with the sause it usually goes with. My Japanese friend eats natto at breakfast on a toast, under melted cheese. 

  • Carol Akiyama: My son loves that too! (Reply)

Answered by Sherilyn Siy · 3 years ago

Natto is one of those things that I don't particularly hate and I would eat it if presented to me but I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it. Sometimes natto can be stinky but I recently had natto that isn't and has quite a mild taste. If you put some seasoning on it like the packets of seasoning that usually comes with the natto, it can actually taste pretty okay. For me, I would eat natto for its health benefits. It is a wonderful probiotic and a food that boosts overall health so go for it! :)

Answered by Jeffrey Haaga · 3 years ago

I don't particularly care for natto but my coworker does. He eats his with soy sauce or Tabasco sauce. He says the Tabasco sauce takes away the taste. 

Answered by Carol Akiyama · 3 years ago

The only way I like natto is buying them as sushi rolls. I like the taste. I just hate the smell of the pack opening and the mess of having to put it over rice and getting stinky, sticky hands!

Answered by Rasawulan Sari Widuri · 2 years ago

As far as i know natto is really healthy. But I can't eat natto due their smell and shape.   

Answered by Jihad Mahmoud · 2 years ago

I have tried eating it once with rice, honestly the smell is what makes it unbearble but I kind of find it tastless.

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