Sapparo: Activity recommendations for Fall/Winter?

Asked by Victoria Vlisides · 3 years ago

Have you been to Sapparo? What was the highlight of your trip?


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1 Answer
Answered by Bonson Lam · 3 years ago

A place off the beaten track is Kitahiroshima. You can pick up some picnic supplies at the co-op markets and ride a bike through an abandoned rail track that is now a level cycleway, and see the beautiful autumn foilage. You can also stay at Kitahiroshima Classe Hotel or Hotel Emisia. Both have a restaurant on the top floor with uninterrupted views of the city and the countryside.  There are spas and onsens in both resorts and in winter you can walk into the ski field from Kitahiroshima Classe Hotel.  As they are between Sapporo City and the Airport, it is a convenient place to stay before heading to other parts of Hokkaido.

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