How is clubbing in Japan?

Asked by Justin Velgus · 4 years ago

I am an American in my late 20s interested in exploring some of the Japan club scene. I did not really get into clubbing in the States, so basically have no means of comparison. 

Are clubs in Japan welcoming to foreigners? Do clubs just have drinks or is food common? How much is the normal charge for a club? Are there any safety tips me or my friends should follow? Is it OK to ask people to dance? Any tips to talk to girls?--advice for my friend! Are there some good clubs you can recommend? 


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2 Answers
Answered by Izumi Kershaw · 4 years ago

Loads of clubs to check out in Tokyo, but depends on whether youre looking for a fun night out with friends or good music. Mainly found in Shibuya or Roppongi, is always a great site for updates on events in Tokyo. Looking foreign, I have never had a problem with getting in a club, and prices really depend ranging from free entry to 5,000 a night for big events held usually at Womb or Ageha. 
I usually end up in Vision if I do go out, because its easy to get to and its got an underground haven feel to it that reminds me of the clubs I went to in England. They host good djs, and its not too big that you will lose your friends so often =) A good ratio of boys/girls too.

Answered by Victoria Vlisides · 4 years ago

Been to two clubs in Japan so far. Ageha (biggest one in Tokyo, possibly Japan) in Shin-Kiba and Harlem in Shibuya. 

Ageha has a lot of foreigners (more than a typical club, I think) and a lot of events and big DJs. The venue is seriously insanely huge. Like, you could lose a friend there and not see them for 4 hours. A lot of people stay out all night and party til 5-6 a.m. then take the train home. I did this twice. The next day is rough, but it's crazy fun. Ageha has a really nice outdoor area, too, and tons of DJs. It is in a weird location, though.

Harlem is a more typical club. Mostly Japanese when I was there, and it was very fun. More of what I'm used to, just two floors. Not too big. Price is about 2,000 yen, I think. Same for Ageha. 

Lastly, I heard that a lot of people (Japanese) go to club Womb (Shibuya) to either hit on people or get hit on, lol. So use that advice how you will!

You should definitely have a Japan clubbing experience !!

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