Michelin starred ramen

Asked by Sherilyn Siy · 4 years ago

Overheard something about a Michelin starred ramen joint. What is the name of this ramen place? Where is it located? How much is a bowl of ramen? And if you have eaten there, how would you rate it?


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1 Answer
Answered by Tom Roseveare · 4 years ago

This is Tsuta (蔦), in Sugamo ward, Tokyo. Prices range from ¥850 (shoyu soba) to  ¥1,150 (char siu shoyu soba) – I haven't been yet, but I hear seiriken tickets (整理券)are currently selling out daily by ~7:30am from their vending machine, even though they don't open until 11am (it might even mean getting a ticket for the afternoon seating – it's that popular right now) 

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